Title Search Services

A property title search services is a process in which an attorney or a title company will examine the public records on the property to confirm the rightful legal owner of the property. Performing the title search will reveal if there are any liens or claims existing on the property which would affect the purchasing property in the future and safeguards them against those liens or claims.

Established in the year 2009, SKP Title Services LLC is one of the leading and competent title service providers and now the company specializes itself working together with the title companies & lenders globally right from generating title searches, title commitments, to the online recording services, etc. SKP Title Services LLC excels in offering effective and efficient title services that keep our business one step unique from others! Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we have earned a reputation in the title search services industry within a shorter period.

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Being enriched with state-of-the-art technologies, we were offering an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate range of title search services to our clients with our team of expert staff, defined quality processes, and standard security policies.



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Residential Title Search Services:

Current Owner Search:

The current owner search will be performed by considering the latest deeds on the current titleholder of the property that is in question. Right from the current date, the search begins backward to find whether there is a deed or other transfers available on the subject property or not. The final report will enclose all the information like current tax status, vesting deed, current tax status, county assessment information, open mortgages, active judgments recorded, active liens, and legal descriptions.

Two Owner Search:

Two owner searches will be performed over the last two owners subjected to the title of the property to provide the report having all information on the current vesting deed. The report includes the deeds leading back to the prior owner's tax information, warranty deed, and all the outstanding liens and mortgages recorded against the property and the owner.

Full Title Search:

The full title search will cover the title research on all current title holders and previous owners of the property. The names ought to be run for preferred liens, which includes judgments and federal tax liens, for the whole statutory duration relevant for the state along with the easements and the agreements affecting the property.

All essentials, covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R’S) or related documents such as amendments, annexations, or restated (CC&R’s) posted to the subject property must be reported.

Last Vesting Deed:

With 100% reflection of property ownership and parcel ID, the report will be generated with a copy of the current vesting deed.

Judgement Searches:

By using Risk.nexis.com, the checking will be done to ensure whether there exist any judgments against the borrower or not, and then the resulting search documents will be uploaded in the file.

Title Commitments:

Title commitments and the reports related to the property will be typed using your software by our typists who were well expertise being trained with AIM®, Gator®, Ramquest®, Softpro®, and Title Express®. Upon requirement, we would also execute data entry services by remotely getting connected to your server. Using a secured leased line, the data entry will be done directly onto your software with a faster turnaround time and the best quality out of the industry.

Commercial Title Searches:

Being the most talented and skilled professionals of the title industry, Our commercial abstractors from SKP Title Services LLC will execute the commercial title search services most professionally with greater accuracy. With in-depth knowledge, our expertise will ensure our clients for smoother and accurate commercial property transactions within the specified time.

Commercial Current Owner Search:

* Current deed information and copy

* Current and delinquent tax information

* Unreleased security instruments

* Open lien and judgement information

Commercial Full Search:

* Full chain if title

* Current and delinquent tax information

* Open mortgage information

* Open lien and judgement information

Commercial Grantor and Grantee Search:

* Details of instruments affecting the concerned property within the mentioned time duration

* Information regarding the current taxes and delinquent taxes

Commercial Update:

* Current and delinquent tax Information

* Title changes since the prior search

Commercial Document Retrieval:

* Since the date of the prior policy, the specified instruments related to the given property will be located and retrieved.


Document Retrieval Services:

Using the documents directed from the source, SKP Title Services LLC will offer faster and accurate document retrieval services both from digital sources and the county courthouses.

Document Retrieval Guide

* Assignment

* Deed

* Legal Description

* Mortgage

* Property Lien

* Standard Document Copies

* Death Certificate

Document Recording Services:

SKP Title Services LLC offers all on-trend electronic document recording services available on the market today that would end up with reduced recessing costs and time of recording thereby ensuring the safety of the recording data. Our team will assure you of the secured and quickest completion of the document recording services when it is fully integrated.

Our document recording services include:

* Compliance

* Order Tracking

* Escrow Accounts

* E-recording or paper recording

* Fulfilling recording requirements of each county

SKP’s document recording services will benefit you with:

* You can focus on promoting your business rather than wasting time on concentrating recording services

* The documents will be tracked in real-time

* Our expertise would 100% ensure the reduced rejections

* Rapid submission of your documents for recording purpose


Tax information services nationwide, our knowledgeable & friendly tax searching professionals bring you the following:

* The faster response rate

* Accurate and clear tax information

* Directly be able to integrate into your workflow

* Eliminating inefficiency and transcription errors using technology

What does SKP Title Services provide in the Tax Information?

* Address

* Tax ID Number

* Legal Description

* County and Municipality

* The Payoff of delinquent taxes due to the county

* Taxable Value

* Current PRE – Principal Residence Exemption

* Current Tax cycle, with status paid dates & due dates

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