Commitment Typing Services

SKP Title Services LLC offers all-rounded commitment typing services right from order entry, management, consultation process, document follow-up, and indexing to commitment typing services at a single destination. Being the experienced service provider in the industry, SKPTS has all the adequate resources and an experienced team who can execute the process based on the requirements and the related information available with greater accuracy before the submission.

Understanding Commitment Typing

A title commitment is a document disclosed with all liens, obligations, and burdens related to the property which will be issued by the title company while issuing the insurance policy. It also includes typing mortgage, information on tax, vesting, and prior based on the abstract report which will be then followed by verifying and correcting mistakes. If any error occurs while processing, the respective corrections will be done with the appropriate software using the customer's server.

Commitment Typing Services from SKPTS

At SKP Title Services LLC, we always provide an accurate report for each tile commitment typing service by implementing an apt technology for handling both the commercial and industrial abstracts. We intend to offer the best and perfect typing services every time without any damages and illegible images as we provide typing with the hard copy from the respective registered offices in the form of text files or XML format. We provide safe commitment services for both the buyers and the lenders for closing the transaction before the actual title policy will be issued.

Our Commitment Typing Service Includes:

Tax Search and Typing

Tax search and typing consist of online searches, phone calls, and mail to jurisdictions for data assessment, verification of address, and sending it for perfect typing.

Document Review and Typing

The commitment typing report does include the report consisting of taxes, liens, legal/vesting, and owner preparation, encumbrance foreclosure which will be followed by verification of name, title, legal description, consistency, and document eligibility done by our expert team with the documents and abstractor notes related to it. If any error occurs, the data will be rectified and corrected data will be sent in the respective format within hours.

Commitment Preparation

A complete range of reviewing and capturing the commitment data such as tax status restrictions, encumbrances, easements, and others will be included in the commitment report.

Document Search and Retrieval

Document search and retrieval is an online search of assignments, releases, recorded documents, and the tax payments that assist reviews and abstracts. The document will be analyzed and recorded along with necessary confirmations, monitoring, and updating inclusive of the details upon tax payments and sales payments.

Mortgage File Post-Closing Audits

Mortgage post-closing auditing will be conducted with a detailed review over loan documents for assessing the accuracy and completed files as per the indexing and the requirements thereby deleting the duplicate files and deleting the missing files.

Hazard Policy Tracking

Hazard policy tracking includes the process of retrieving and capturing the renewal data, past due notices, deleting the interests, reinstatements, and cancellations.

Title Plant Development and Maintenance

The development process of title plants will be done and maintained based upon the requirements with a day-forward posting for all types of documents. Then, the data will be verified against unit ranges, local databases, document types, along with the provided geographical indexes.

Online Real Estate Market Research/mail List Preparation

From the respective websites, the public documents will be reviewed regularly for deriving the information upon daily transactions and property sales including the sale call lists and direct mailings.

UCC Database Maintenance

In UCC database maintenance, lien registrations will be indexed and searched for checking the credits and releasing the status of liens.

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