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SKP Title Services LLC, right from the establishment has been providing the tax search services. Being the pioneer in the tax search industry, SKPTS has been servicing hundreds of clients by handling their commercial and industrial property taxes according to the property tax rules and regulations. Over the years, the company has been offering tax search services by preparing multi-state returns at an affordable price with a profit of earning clients' trust thereby meeting their needs all year round.

Property Tax Search Services: What it is?

Property tax in general is a tax paid by the property owner or the legal entity associated with it by calculating the tax value based on the property value including the land. It will be ever difficult to handle the property tax especially at the times of filing the taxes and income tax returns. Hiring the property tax search service providers will help people handle the situation by reducing the chances of errors thereby guiding people through this process.

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Be it a residential or a commercial property, if there any additional improvements were made on a property or a piece of property land, then the property will be accounted for property tax to be paid annually. Depending upon the jurisdictions, tax rates may get varied with scrutinized tax laws applicable. The tax bills along with the tax number and the amount will be sent to the property address by the municipal authority.

Tax Services Offered by SKPTS LLC

Property tax is a vital expense that should be examined throughout the lifecycle of the asset. SKPTS LLC has been offering tax search for all types of businesses and individuals according to the tax liabilities. Our team involves themselves in developing and refining the tax search strategies and methodologies according to the current market status and government tax search regulations. SKPTS ever commits itself to providing top-notch and promising quality services to all its customers. Our company offers the best service to manage your property liabilities. Our range of tax services is:

Tax management and compliance

Tax assessment and appeals

In-house property tax search

Tax due diligence

Our Commercial Tax Search Services

With the existing broad opportunities for tax reduction and streamlined administration, SKPTS will help people customize their property tax management plan that suits their needs. Our commercial tax services are:

Reviewing the Assessment

Our team will research and ensure that the property is being assessed at fair market value by analyzing the information using cost, sales, income, and comparison approaches.

Appeal Services

All the appeal documents will be collected and presented before administrative panels thereby preserving the appeal rights beyond the level of administration.

Pre-acquisition Reports

By analyzing the tax history of the potential acquisitions, tax assessments will be done with the future estimation of the tax by considering the acquisition prices.

Budgets and Accruals

All the property tax expenses will be handled through cash or the accrual budgets.

The Process Involved in Tax Search

Tax search services offered by our expert team will generate lesser tax liabilities and better returns thereby maximizing the profit and minimizing the operating cost by executing the following processes.

Tax preparation

Sending standard formatted documents

Tax return and auditing

Tax return review

Final copy submission of tax returns to the clients

Our team will search the details rapidly to reduce the preparation cost within the shortest period. We assure the timely delivery as per the customer requirements implemented with streamlined methodologies and technologies.

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