How to perform Title Search Services Tennessee? Uncover the steps to perform here!

An individual buying a property means that they have to enjoy the legal rights to use it and in the future, they can transfer their ownership to someone else by selling the property if they wish to. In general, purchasing a property in Tennessee is an incredible investment and most home buyers will be spending their time searching for a perfect property that they can envision in their future! But at the same time, they also have to safeguard their investment by protecting it with title search services Tennessee.

Conducting a title search in Tennessee is of utmost importance as it helps ensure that the property is free from all legal issues like liens and other encroachments. If you are one among them, then conducting this search will help you make a great decision. If you want to know how to perform the title search, then this is for you! Read below to have a clear idea of how to perform it!

How to perform title search services Tennessee?

If you are in search of how to perform title search services before buying a property in Tennessee, it is always recommended to consider hiring a professional title search company as they are likely capable to catch the details that an average property buyer may miss. However, there are some ways to perform a title search and they are as follows:

  • Start your search online
  • You can obtain county public documents online through the website of your state government. Counties frequently store copies of their public records online. Search for the property title you're interested in on the website of your state government after choosing your county.

  • Find tax records
  • Tax records are detailed and effective look at the property information as it confirms that all the property taxes are up to date. The accurate assessment of the property‚Äôs value over time will be provided by tax histories and this will give you a better picture of the current market value of the property. You can examine the tax lien records kept by the tax assessor's office in your county to be sure there are no encumbrances on the property you plan to buy.

  • Check for a clear chain of title
  • Obtain a clear detail on all the deeds of the property for the last 50-70 years and be sure to ensure that the name on the most recent deed matches with the current seller. In general, you're looking for a clear chain of title, which confirms the sequential ownership of a property and makes sure there aren't any additional legal claims or privileges against the property that could reduce its value. Several counties will have an up-to-date archive or property deeds at the county's recorder's office that can be found in a county courthouse or a standalone recorder's office. In some cities, property deeds reside within the city archives r at the official city hall. Hence, city and county clerks will help you find public information resources.

  • Look up the abstract of a property title
  • An abstract of title is a clear and detailed history of the property that begins, typically, with the grant deed and includes information regarding easements, encroachments, inheritances, tax liens, foreclosures, and unpaid taxes. Usually, the abstractors will consult with the county's clerk's office and some other appropriate land title offices while preparing this document. This document will include the chronological structure sequence of deeds along with the further establishment of the chain of title. Right before entering negotiations for the purchase, ensure to obtain the most recent abstract of the tile.

  • Document your title search findings
  • Together with a detailed legal description of the property, information on the property's tax history, the chain of title, and any other relevant details compile your findings into a written document.

  • Consult a real estate attorney
  • Compiling the title search on your own will be a complex process whereas hiring a professional will help you get the best performed. Once you have documented all the necessary information, try consulting a real estate attorney about how to move further with the data that you have collected. They will guide and help you in dealing with all existing encumbrances over the property and also answer all questions about legal complicated documents.

  • Go through a professional title search company
  • It is always good to move through a professional title company as they will work with numerous real estate agents to crosscheck and verify the legal ownership of the property. Their title investigation includes the details on current owner information along with titles from previous owners. Remember an experienced title company's title search services Tennessee records are probably more accurate than a self-assembled report.

Final Thoughts

If you are getting ready to purchase a home, be sure to hire a professional title search professionals who can conduct title search services Tennessee early in the process. Conducting this title search will help you catch all the possible legal issues early such that it will help you decide what you want to do with the property that are you planning to buy. This will help you whether to purchase a property or to negotiate with the seller on property tax liens or other actions to clear the title or whether to drop the idea of buying that property with legal issues. Still, if you are having any doubts about the property title search, never hesitate to contact SKPTS! We're here to help you with all the possible solutions.

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