Title Search Services Georgia

What is Title Search Services Georgia and what are the processes involved in it?

In many ways, purchasing your first home in Georgia is a lot like finding a puzzle, but once you have found the right one, you have to do some background research before committing to it. Yes, at times of purchasing properties, title search services Georgia will act as background research and here, you can get to know everything about title search services and how much they might cost.

Title search Georgia - What it is?

A title search Georgia, otherwise known as a title exam is the process of examining public records to compile the chain of titles for a specific property that a user is going to buy. This is done to identify all the title issues which may result in a non-marketable title. Simply put, a title search will be done to check whether the property belongs to the person who wants to sell it or not hereby ensuring that the property is completely free from all the pending mortgages, and pending liens that have been borrowed by the owner over that property. By conducting a title search, if the owner identifies any such issues regarding the property ownership, they will start working to fix all those issues to ensure a clear title by closing day.

Understanding the process of property title services

The thorough title search services Georgia will be an extensive process of examining public records. During the title search, there is some information that may be difficult to access without getting the help of a title search company as they will be experienced in having various methods to conduct this search. Most of the title search companies were executing this title search through a large database of indexed data which will make the process easier and faster to be carried out than ever before. In general, this title search will be initiated soon after the buyer accepts to purchase a piece of real estate property.

Once initiated, the title services company will go through the process of examining multiple sources to check whether the property is free of pending lawsuits, mortgages, liens, easements, unpaid taxes, and other outstanding issues that could affect the transfer of ownership to the buyer. This process covers looking at deeds, county land records, financial judgments, and bankruptcy records that are potentially attached to the property. For a simple understanding, a title search makes both the buyer and seller have a mutual concern that there are no outstanding issues that could affect the ownership which has been transferred to the buyer.

Types of Title search services

Various types of title services offered are:

  • Current owner search
  • In this type, a title search will be performed by considering the latest deeds on the present title holder of the property in question. This covers all information like tax status, deeds, county assessment information like open mortgages, existing liens, and judgments recorded against the property and its owner.

  • Two owner search
  • All the information regarding current vesting deeds, and deeds leading back to the previous owner's tax information, warranty deed, along with the pending liens, mortgages, and judgments against the property and its owner.

  • Full title search
  • Full title search involves research on all existing and previous owners of the property. The chain of title is reported with current deeds along with existing liens, mortgages, ad judgments recorded against the property. Also, CC&R, easements, and agreements affecting the property will be included.

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Final Thoughts

To be concluded, a title search service is a must to utilize in Georgia when you are planning to purchase a property as this will safeguard both your investment and you from all the property ownership problems that might occur in the nearest future. Hope you would have known something about the title search and still if you have any doubts feel free to contact us.

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